The best app for walking available in the world today

How it works

  1. Browse the route catalogue.
  2. find the route you want and download onto the app.
  3. Press the “instructions to get to the start of the route” button and go to the route.
  4. Press go.

And that’s it. The app will give you location based instructions with photos telling you where to go and of local information. It will also show your position on an offline map so you can be triply sure you’re not lost.

One of the worst things when you are on a walk is when you don’t know if you are going the right way so we’ve built in three (yes three) ways to show you are not lost.

  1. Written instructions of every turning (so you can read which way to go)
  2. A photo of every turning (so you can see which way to go).
  3. A map with the route and your position, so you can triple check you are on the path.


GPS instructions

Walking with instructions from a book or guide you never actually know where you are. With walking in … the instructions only arrive when you need them and you can always see where you are on your route. So you never get lost. 

Photo instructions

When you are walking in the country it can often be difficult to decide which path to take. On our app all instructions have a photo so you can actually compare where you are to where you should be. 

Hundreds of routes

We aim to quickly have hundreds of routes for every country each provided by local experts. So you know that the routes you are on are the best in that area.